Life is Simple; Just Add Water

The past few weeks have been insanely indulgent – yet more simplistic than I had imagined this part of our journey would be…

Every part of the trip until now has been somewhat scheduled and full of information and options (i.e. what marina has the most amenities; where to get the cheapest fuel; closest grocery store; best dining options; etc.)  NOT the case in the Exumas!  Most islands have one marina; one restaurant; one “convenience store”; no wifi…you get the idea.  So while its not always luxurious…its relaxing.

Tom even caught dinner a time or two…so we’ve been testing all sorts of lobster recipes! 

So what else?  The PIGS!  I’ve been practically counting the daaaays to get my hands on these little guys.  Turns out, they aren’t so little!  😯

We saved scrap fruits and veggies for a few days prior to our visit, but in hindsight, we didn’t even need the bait.  They’re happy to see you regardless.  I’m secretly hoping that we’ll be able to stop back by on our return trip and that maybe someone will have had baby piglets! 😬

Up next: George Town.  And another friend hoping on board for a few days! See you next week! (wifi permitting!)

Time Well Wasted

The weeks are flyyyyying by!  We left Bimini and made our way to Atlantis – where (obviously) frozen concoctions and water slides ensued.



After a 4 day childlike binger, we decided to make our way to the Exumas!  We provisioned accordingly in Nassau and untied the lines.  The weather was perfect and the cruising was uneventful…but when we arrived at Highbourne Cay, Tom noticed that something was awry in our engine room. A belt had completely disintegrated while we were underway.


Thankfully, Tom and Shawn were able to diagnose the problem and get a new belt ordered/overnighted to the nearest airport…so it was ultimately a small hiccup.

Highbourne Cay could only be described as majestic.  The water (if possible) was even prettier than we encountered in Bimini and the Highbourne Cay Marina staff have thought of EVERYTHING you could possibly want in an island retreat.  We hiked; we biked; I got a workout in; Tom napped…and the guys even found time to snorkel and tinker around with their water toys.



Needless to say, we are having a fantastic time.  (All those locks and days of whining have finally paid off!) 😎

Palm Trees, Ocean Breeze.

We have finally made it to paradise! 🌴  The locks, the murky Mississippi River and my AT&T internet service are all things of the past!  We’re docked in Bimini at The Hilton Resort.  The marina is chic, the sun is shinning, the breeze is warm.   Life doesn’t suck. 😎

Our friend, Shawn, jumped on board earlier in the week while we were in Ft. Lauderdale.  The week in Lauderdale was mostly uneventful in the realm of blog worthy content. Errands (lots of stocking up on our favorite U.S. staples – protein bars, my vitamin stash, beauty products, soda water, etc.)  and routine maintenance to the boat (oil change, windshield wiper repair, washing and waxing).

On Friday morning the weather/wind was ideal for our short jump to Bimini.  We watched the inauguration while we were underway and before we knew it, the turquoise water was upon us.   Margaritas/vino/snacks subsequently ensued and then we started scheming for our Saturday afternoon activities.

The first official day in the in the Bahamas looked like this:

Blogging next from Nassau.  Fingers crossed for more wildlife encounters. (Except for sharks, of course.) 😬 🐬

…The Waiting Game…

Its 6:50 a.m.  Tom nudges me, “the weather report”.

“Okay, yes, one sec.”

I open my eyes, reach for my phone and scroll through the plethora of emails (most of which are holiday “sales”).  There is it, Eddy’s Weather Wag.  I click on it anxiously and read it aloud – morning – after – morning.

Its been nine(!) days since the last weather window for crossing the gulf – and once again, it isn’t looking good.

I toss the phone back into the windowsil and doze back off, hardly noticing in the moment that the boat is rocking in what I would typically describe as “violently”, but somehow at 7am when you’re under the covers and in bed…its rhythmic and soothing.

Now that you’re armed with the above mental picture, we’ve been in Panama City for solid week and it looks like we’ll be settling in for another 6 days.  The current predicted weather “window” is Monday, December 12th.  FINGERS CROSSED!

So how have we been keeping busy?

There was an alligator farm…img_0051img_0061

Dinghy rides…which included a dolphin encounter!dolphins

An epic night at Flora-Bama.  (I met Cam -who owns the Flora-Bama with her husband- while at a MOXIE class while we were docked at the Orange Beach Wharf. She casually mentioned that we should stop by – and i’m so glad that we did!  Cam graciously invited us into her VIP booth with her family -giving us access to the best seats in the house and we had so much fun!)


A tour of the USS Alabama.battleship

And a short stop in Destin.


Our *one* regret of the trip so far is that we didn’t make a run for New Orleans.  Had we known we’d be sitting idle for two weeks, we would’ve made the trek but at the time…we didn’t think we had the time to spare.  *sigh*

Bless Your Heart; Good ‘Ole Boy; Fixin’ To; Roger That…

Hey Y’all! We are blogging today from Alabama!  The southern drawl and jovial sayings are a REAL thing and!  (I love it!)  Its been one of my favorite weeks on the water – the weather is gorgeous, the people are incredibly genuine and the gulf is proving to be more alluring than I could’ve expected.   To rewind a bit…last week we attended the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.  Tom was like a kid in a candy store. 🍭  We did plenty of yacht lusting and spent some much needed time with friends (which we apparently enjoyed so much that we totally forgot to take any photos…😭).


From there, we were back on the water making our way down the Tenn-Tom River.img_0014

The boating was uneventful…one winding river that allowed for full throttle cruising and lounging. 

And at our last stop before officially making it to the Gulf, I made a new friend! img_0024picmonkey-collage-2

“Lulu” worked her way into my heart and onto the boat in no time!  Saying goodbye made me yearn for having a pet on board…The sweet company was the best! 🐶

Annnnnd then…Our laaaast lock! (at least the last until we start heading up the east coast next next June) I’m wiggling in my chair as I type it! img_0018

So, with that, we are finally back into a more robust area – lattes, spin classes and salads are abundant and i’m loving every second of it!

More from Mobile, Alabama and the Gulf Shores in the coming days!

See you then!

P.S. – If you didn’t already see it, catch our interview with Power & MotorYacht Magazine by clicking here!

Small Town, U.S.A.

The week has been as slow as the Mississippi…full of muddy water and industry-ridden shores. mississippi-collageChicago already seems like eons ago and we are so (!) far removed from the luxuries we indulged in there. 

Getting back on the water from our two week respite was invigorating.  Re-reading my sentence makes me close my eyes and think of the morning we officially pulled away, heading down the Calumet.  Kind of like riding a bike.  Untying our lines, pulling up the fenders, pushing off from the dock and grabbing my Waterway Guide to check on the exact distance to the first lock.  Its truly become a routine, second nature, a way of life…and I think its safe to say, it suits *us*. 

Processed with Snapseed.

TODAY we’re putzing down the Mississippi River.  The days are long and slow going due to waterlogged stumps and branches along the way, but i’ve decided that it seems to fit the pace of life along the River.  Each small town port has its unique charm and attraction but the lasting impression from this portion of the Loop will definitely be the sincerity and the kindness of the people.

We were able to meet more blog followers in Peoria!  Steve and Julie were incredibly kind and FUN!  Even inviting us back to their marina for *docktails* and to meet their fellow boaters. 


Processed with Snapseed.

From Peoria we hit all of the obligatory stops – including, of course, St. Louis!  The Arch, the Anheuser-Busch clydesdales and dinner at the legendary “Fast Eddie’s” didn’t disappoint. 


Processed with Snapseed.

budweiser-collageThe upcoming days will entail some 270 miles with no marina/fuel stops….so we’re gearing up for a few nights on the hook until we can make our way to Kentucky Lake/Nashville.   The last port before making the long haul, Hoppies Marine Services, is managed by Fern (who Tom and I have dubbed the “Matriarch of the Mississippi”).  She offered an afternoon dock talk regarding the river conditions and what to expect along the way.  A tried and true staple of the Great Loop!  Credit: Captain Dawn’s Crazy Adventures.  (Check out Dawn’s blog for a completely unique Mississippi River experience!)img_4076

Whale, Whale, Whale…What do we have here?

We said goodbye to Bayshore, finally!  

The Walker Bay dinghy arrived.  It’s a little gem and I am mildly obsessed!dinghy collageTom got it nestled into its new home, our friend Shawn jumped on board, and we took off for Sag Harbor.boating to montauk.jpegYESSSSS…The Hamptons!  My Matt Lauer binoculars were out in full force and effect – and visions of gourmet markets, chic boutiques, and hand crafted cocktails were dancing like sugar plums in my head.

Despite getting on the water early, it was another tense day behind the helm…our eyes constantly jumping between the GPS and scouring for the next channel marker. Buuut we made it! Unscathed and feeling fully entitled to indulge in cocktails!Marg:Snack CollageSag was…underwhelming.  Cute, but PEOPLE! Have you been to Cape May?!  We did dinner out, checked out a few of the mega-yachts by way of the new dinghy, went for a morning run, and then decided to move in sagMontauk was lower on the totem pole of “must dos” but then completely blew us away. We had dinner and cocktails at Swallow East.  Swallow East…and lunch the next day at The Dock.  The town in general is like Outer Banks meets L.A.  The casual surfer vibe and deep fishing roots somehow blend into the Hamptons feel of things.  Those earlier dancing visions of Sag Harbor embraced me in Montauk instead.  fishing boats in montauk

Alright, so the rest of the Loop is calling…and thanks to last week’s grounding incident, we are slightly behind schedule.  So, Montauk, its been real! ✌️

We left early (5 am early…hmph).  We had coffee, headed into the Atlantic and I curled up under a blanket to doze back off for a bit.

And then…something extraordinary happened…one of those “stop and take it in” kind of things.

A HUMPBACK! Seemingly just slightly smaller than the boat! I squealed *more than once* in sheer excitement.  It wasn’t just about the size of the humpback, but its serenity. With each appearance at the surface of the water, its whispering exhale and then disappearance again, we were left awe. It was clearly out for its early morning breakfast, which I suspect those Montauk fisherman were after as well.Whale CollageWe’ve now made our way through NYC and are relaxing for a few days on the Hudson River in Half Moon Bay.  It finally feels like we’re settling into the trip, and we’re anxious to embark on new territory.  

Along with that excitement and adventure comes a little “light” reading for the First Mate.😉waterway guideThese Waterway Guides are a game changer.  From marina listings & anchorages to lock schedules and location charts, I can’t say enough how crucial these are.

Newest Edition: Cuba!  We’re coming for you!