Time Well Wasted

The weeks are flyyyyying by!  We left Bimini and made our way to Atlantis – where (obviously) frozen concoctions and water slides ensued.



After a 4 day childlike binger, we decided to make our way to the Exumas!  We provisioned accordingly in Nassau and untied the lines.  The weather was perfect and the cruising was uneventful…but when we arrived at Highbourne Cay, Tom noticed that something was awry in our engine room. A belt had completely disintegrated while we were underway.


Thankfully, Tom and Shawn were able to diagnose the problem and get a new belt ordered/overnighted to the nearest airport…so it was ultimately a small hiccup.

Highbourne Cay could only be described as majestic.  The water (if possible) was even prettier than we encountered in Bimini and the Highbourne Cay Marina staff have thought of EVERYTHING you could possibly want in an island retreat.  We hiked; we biked; I got a workout in; Tom napped…and the guys even found time to snorkel and tinker around with their water toys.



Needless to say, we are having a fantastic time.  (All those locks and days of whining have finally paid off!) 😎

8 thoughts on “Time Well Wasted

  1. enjoy enjoy, reason asked boat name was to see if I could find it on the Port Fever site that pinpoints yacht locations. Looked all thru the islands.

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  2. Glad to see you two having such as great time! I’m sure you’ll probably not make it back to Whitehall, MI again. 🙂 Cheers!

    BTW – a couple of the links on your photos brings up a different picture – Cheers!

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  3. All of the Bahamas are GREAT. The people that live their and work at the marinas are the best that you could come across.Wishing the both you a great time and smooth sailing.


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