Sweet Home Alabama

What comes to mind when you think of Mobile, Alabama? While I don’t know what I was expecting…what I got was delightfully delicious! We were only in the city of Mobile for one night but the sensational meal we had at “The Dumbwaiter” left us with a lasting impression. img_0035img_0020img_0016We left Mobile for a quick run across the bay to a small, oh-so-charming town called Fairhope.  We happened to arrive just in time for their Christmas tree lighting!  img_0015It *may* have been 78 degrees…but the streets were bustling with cheer, hot chocolate and even SNOW!!  Its been hard getting into the swing of the holiday spirit with the warm weather, but the vibe in Fairhope made is apparent that the magical season is upon us!  (I will also admit that i’ve been binge watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies!🙈)

We took the next day to clean the boat, do some routine maintenance, and enjoyed watching this guy make countless dives for lunch…img_0021

Our visit in Fairhope was wrapped up with dockside cocktails at Sunset Pointe while we started plotting our next stops through the ICW and across the gulf. img_0033

Blogging today from The Wharf at Orange Beach – its AMAZING and I can’t wait to blog next week – there’s ice skating in our future! Stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. If you are in area, look at the small Coastal town of Port St Joe, you will love the town and especially the Haughty Inn Tavern. Continue you wonderful journey and have fun.

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  2. thanks, I’ll check it out. If you stay overnight in Destin, go East on 98 a few miles, and find a restaurant “Mimmo’s”….Italain at it’s best – the Chicken Marsala is awesome, and mimmo is a great restauranteur – tell him Don from Cincy said hello….


  3. Kate, awesome job on the blog! I am amazed at the rich color of your pictures. Are you enhancing the photos before posting or using any filters?

    I am being my loop boat search and have several questions for you guys. I hope you don’t mine me asking. What speed do you guys typically cruise? When searching for a boat what would you consider as a minimum fast cruise speed? How often do you guys fast cruise? Do you wish you guys had a fly bridge? Any tips, or suggestions that would aid in my boat search would be much appreciated ?

    Thanks in advance!

    Roll Tide!

    Ps Do you guys use active captain as you cruise?

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    1. Hi Rick! Sorry for the delayed response.
      We typically cruise at 28 – and I don’t think we’d consider anything slower. But that’s just a personal preference! We’ve talked about a fly bridge…Maybe on the next boat!

      We do use active captain. Love it!
      When are you hoping to buy?


      1. Thanks for the reply. Just booked a hotel to attend the Newport, RI boat show in Sept. Hopefully within the next 2 years. Living in Atlanta, I need to stop in and see the folks at the Bavaria office here in town. 🙂 Got a contact that I should call? FLoraBama can be tough on the liver it’s a good thing you got the moxie class in first!


      2. Ohh you should check out the Miami show in Feb OR the West Palm Beach show in March (the west palm show is my fav).
        We may be transitioning into a slightly larger boat in the future so if you’re interested in a Bavaria…🤔


  4. While you guys are killing time, how about some photos of the boat? I am interested in any modifications you might have made or wished you had made for the loop. We are starting our loop from Saint Petersburg this winter in a Cruisers Cantius 45, pretty similar to your boat.

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    1. I’ll ask Tom about photos! Maybe we can do a “below deck” blog. We didn’t make many modifications…installed a small shoe holder and we did build a wine rack. But I think that’s about it!


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