Bless Your Heart; Good ‘Ole Boy; Fixin’ To; Roger That…

Hey Y’all! We are blogging today from Alabama!  The southern drawl and jovial sayings are a REAL thing and!  (I love it!)  Its been one of my favorite weeks on the water – the weather is gorgeous, the people are incredibly genuine and the gulf is proving to be more alluring than I could’ve expected.   To rewind a bit…last week we attended the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.  Tom was like a kid in a candy store. 🍭  We did plenty of yacht lusting and spent some much needed time with friends (which we apparently enjoyed so much that we totally forgot to take any photos…😭).


From there, we were back on the water making our way down the Tenn-Tom River.img_0014

The boating was uneventful…one winding river that allowed for full throttle cruising and lounging. 

And at our last stop before officially making it to the Gulf, I made a new friend! img_0024picmonkey-collage-2

“Lulu” worked her way into my heart and onto the boat in no time!  Saying goodbye made me yearn for having a pet on board…The sweet company was the best! 🐶

Annnnnd then…Our laaaast lock! (at least the last until we start heading up the east coast next next June) I’m wiggling in my chair as I type it! img_0018

So, with that, we are finally back into a more robust area – lattes, spin classes and salads are abundant and i’m loving every second of it!

More from Mobile, Alabama and the Gulf Shores in the coming days!

See you then!

P.S. – If you didn’t already see it, catch our interview with Power & MotorYacht Magazine by clicking here!

22 thoughts on “Bless Your Heart; Good ‘Ole Boy; Fixin’ To; Roger That…

  1. When you come through Panama City Beach, if you decide to stay at Bay Point Marina, my wife and I would love to come meet you and buy you a drink. I have made the trip up and down the TM-TOM many times and recognized Bobby’s Fish Camp in your pictures!

    David Landreth

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    1. Hi there!! Yes! That pup at Bobby’s stole my heart! Too cute. I haven’t mapped out as far as Panama City…but likely doing that in the next 2-3 days. We would love to meet you both! I’ll let you know!
      Thanks for following along! 🙂


  2. Hi from Orillia, Canada. We are still following your trip and enjoying the updates! The photos and videos are super. We are living vicariously through you and your adventures, especially since winter has come and it is snowing as I type this here and in the areas you visited on Georgian Bay and Lake Michigan. We remember you were in a bit of a rush through here to get to Chicago but you made it with plenty of time, and now you are in warm, beautiful weather. Safe travels and keep the updates coming…your fans demand it! : ) Dave, Pam, Alan and Terri (Orillia, Canada)

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  3. we too are following your blog and enjoying all the pics one day we’d love to do the loop ! We are in the Tampa Bay Area if you get down this way we’d love to meet you . Our marina had 5 boats here this week doing the loop ! Safe travels and please let us know if you come our way !

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      1. Good morning , hope your warm it’s cold here today ! We are in Dunedin at Marker One Marina . We’d love to have you over for Docktails and dinner if you come our way ! Carrie


  4. My husband George and I bought our boat in Sandusky OH this time last year. Amazing adventure to Key Largo. Let us know if you make it this way. Would love to meet up and possibly a dock.

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    1. Hi Mary! ☺️ I assume you guys are still in Key Largo? We are making our way to the keys in January! Any favorite spots we should put on our last in the keys? Or along the way through the pan handle?


  5. Hi Kate,
    My wife and I are friends of Mike & Marcy in Canton.
    She suggested I check out your blog and I’ve enjoyed following your travels, especially the Drone shots.
    We just arrived in Grenada and will be slowly bringing our boat back to MD over the course of this winter. Our Northern stops will include the DR, Cuba, and the FL Keys. It would be fun to catch up along the way. What are your plans beyond the US?

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    1. Hi Mike! We would absolutely love to meet somewhere alone the way. Tom is dyyying to go to Cuba!
      The keys will be our first stop…then Cuba (I assume).
      What’s your timeline like? Jealous you’re so far south already! It’s cold in Alabama today!


      1. Yes, it’s beautiful here. We flew down from MD just after winter set in on Saturday. 🙂

        We will be in Cuba for 2 weeks beginning 1-26. Headed to the Keys for a month thereafter.

        Will stay in touch.

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  6. Kate,

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog. My husband and I are going to be starting the Loop in March/April leaving from New Orleans. I’m curious about your video. I assume it’s done with a drone and would like to get my husband a drone for Christmas. What kind of drone do you have or can you recommend one. I don’t know a lot about drones and was wondering who is controlling the drone when you doing things like biking, etc.?

    Sorry you skipped New Orleans. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Looking forward to more of your blog. Karen Webber


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    1. Hi Karen! I’m sorry for the late reply. Your comment just showed up on my end!
      Anyway, we have the Phantom 4 – we like it – and are awaiting the release of the newest edition (DJI has a new model that will include goggles that Tom is excited about)
      Hope that helps!


  7. Well guys I have been following your posts for a little while and all I can say is WOW ! My wife and I are still in our planning stages for our trip on the loop. I have a question about the two of you handling a 44 foot boat on the loop. From all my reading they say 30 to 40 max and anything bigger gives problems for most marinas. I hope not because we purchased our loop boat last year and it over 45 feet overall. We look forward to running into to you guys when you get back home on the Chesapeake Bay. Fair winds and following sea’s ! Keith & Dee …Middle River MD.

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    1. Hi there! Somehow I’m just seeing your post! Thanks for following along.
      We are 49 overall and we’ve had NO trouble with finding great places to stay!
      You’ll be fine! Jealous that you still have it all to look forward to!


  8. Love your adventure! Planning to do the Great Loop in the near future! Do you plan to update your track and fuel consumption chart for the Mississippi River? Enjoy the keys.

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