Small Town, U.S.A.

The week has been as slow as the Mississippi…full of muddy water and industry-ridden shores. mississippi-collageChicago already seems like eons ago and we are so (!) far removed from the luxuries we indulged in there. 

Getting back on the water from our two week respite was invigorating.  Re-reading my sentence makes me close my eyes and think of the morning we officially pulled away, heading down the Calumet.  Kind of like riding a bike.  Untying our lines, pulling up the fenders, pushing off from the dock and grabbing my Waterway Guide to check on the exact distance to the first lock.  Its truly become a routine, second nature, a way of life…and I think its safe to say, it suits *us*. 

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TODAY we’re putzing down the Mississippi River.  The days are long and slow going due to waterlogged stumps and branches along the way, but i’ve decided that it seems to fit the pace of life along the River.  Each small town port has its unique charm and attraction but the lasting impression from this portion of the Loop will definitely be the sincerity and the kindness of the people.

We were able to meet more blog followers in Peoria!  Steve and Julie were incredibly kind and FUN!  Even inviting us back to their marina for *docktails* and to meet their fellow boaters. 


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From Peoria we hit all of the obligatory stops – including, of course, St. Louis!  The Arch, the Anheuser-Busch clydesdales and dinner at the legendary “Fast Eddie’s” didn’t disappoint. 


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budweiser-collageThe upcoming days will entail some 270 miles with no marina/fuel stops….so we’re gearing up for a few nights on the hook until we can make our way to Kentucky Lake/Nashville.   The last port before making the long haul, Hoppies Marine Services, is managed by Fern (who Tom and I have dubbed the “Matriarch of the Mississippi”).  She offered an afternoon dock talk regarding the river conditions and what to expect along the way.  A tried and true staple of the Great Loop!  Credit: Captain Dawn’s Crazy Adventures.  (Check out Dawn’s blog for a completely unique Mississippi River experience!)img_4076

13 thoughts on “Small Town, U.S.A.

  1. Every time I see your post and read it I get teary eyed and smile at the same time. Something I would have loved to do but at my age(and spouse) out of the question. What a fantastic time and experience you guys are having. Continue to have fun(most important) be safe and enjoy every dam minute. Jack Phillips—— note former home owner on the ICW in Highland Beach Fla. for 30yrs with a hobby of tracking all mega yachts, and ugh now a land locked senior in Ohio sitting on my porch looked at my pond, OMG lol lol

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  2. I look forward to and love reading your posts. Continue to have fun on your journey,oh by the way-the annapolis boat show was this weekend and it was beautiful, the weather and the show.

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    1. Hi Leslie! ☺️ thank you!!
      We heard the show was great! (Including the weather) Bummed to have missed it! We are heading to the Lauderdale show on 11/4 to get our boat show fix!


      1. Look us up if you make. Would enjoy buying you two a couple of drinks. Schlaag at the google place


  3. Kate & Tom – it’s brilliant how you manage the cost of the trip with the rental income, can you expand on how that works so consistently. The info you’re providing is really the best I’ve followed on anyone’s trip, and the video from the drone simply awesome, especially during the Canada part of your trip. Here’s a question on the boat, I have a 470 Sundancer, and have often thought it’s just not the right boat for the Loop trip, since the Baywash is very similar, what do you think- would a Trawler or Flybridge be better or do you think the cruiser is well suited for the trip. Anyway keep up the great coverage, my boat goes to winter storage tomorrow so I’ll follow along and hope your blog gets me through the winter. ….df

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    1. Hi Don! Thank you!! 😌 Honestly, there is no way we would have the patience to do the trip on a trawler. We love being able to putz around but having the option to “get up and go” is something we wouldn’t sacrifice.

      Regarding the rental income – 😬- it’s been more consistent than we ever could have anticipated! VRBO/Airbnb has been incredibly fruitful and a real game changer for the lifestyle of the trip…less penny pinching on our meals/Marina picks!

      Please let me know if you have any specific questions! We are happy to share info. And thanks for following along.

      *Here’s to hoping it’s a swift winter season!


    1. Hey Jack! We took a short hiatus from the loop to check on our house and then attend the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show – but we arrived back at the boat today and I’m planing/hoping to blog this afternoon! ☺️


  4. Hi Kate I’m a new follower, my husband Gary and I (I’m Cathy) were at Green Turtle Bay today checking on our boat and we walked right past your boat and Gary said “hey wait a minute that looks just like a boat I read about in Power and Motor Yacht about a couple doing the loop,” kinda funny how that worked out, we would have stopped to chat if we had seen you, I like your blog, when do you guys leave GTB,and welcome to Kentucky!

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    1. Hi Cathy!! Small world! Too bad we didn’t get to say Hello. We are leaving tomorrow (just took two weeks off to check on our house in Baltimore and then went to the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show).
      Are you also on the loop? Or are you GTB locals? If you’re on the water, maybe we will catch up in the next few days!


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