The Best Ships Are Friendships!

Remember “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan?  It’s one of my favorites. Hearing from so many amazing people on the blog has been kind of like that.  I LOVE hearing from each of you; answering questions; mulling over your suggestions and even meeting some of you along the way.

Shortly after arriving in Chicago, I received a short message from a girl named Amber. It simply stated that she and her boyfriend had read the article in Power & MotorYacht and wanted to know if we needed anything while we were in the Chicago area.  I eagerly showed Tom the message – noting how incredibly thoughtful the message was aaaaand realizing this may be a GREAT avenue for inquiring about suggestions for all of the beauty maintenance I was hoping to catch up on while we’re here.

A few messages were exchanged and before we knew it, we were out to dinner with Amber & Kevin (and even some of their mutual friends); and then out for drinks; and then repeating the process over and over again.

amber-kevin-collageWe were treated like old friends and it was so(!) refreshing & fun to hangout with a crew again.   As we’re making our departure plans from Chicago, i’m already sad just thinking about our “goodbye” but I’m *forcing* them to visit when we’re in warmer waters in the coming weeks/months.

My Mom also visited!  The best thing ever when you’re feeling homesick.  No matter how old a girl gets, sometimes she just needs a day with her Mom….Am I right?  We shopped and sipped rosé  like it was our job.  I think it’s safe to say we both loved every second of it!

The rest of our time here was spent in our usual exploratory fashion.  Food/Cocktails/Sight Seeing….in that order!

DCIM101GOPROG1432925. Processed with Snapseed.


Eataly…this place is GENIUS!  Amazing food, wine and shopping all in a gorgeous and inviting setting. Processed with Snapseed.

DCIM101GOPROG1793028. Processed with Snapseed.

We’re still hanging out at DuSable Harbor for the time being – its raining – and we need to have some work done to the boat tomorrow…but making our departure/next port plans in the next few days!

…off to happy hour!…

P.S. – Tom has UPDATED our Track Our Trip portion of the blog!  It includes the exact route we’ve taken, miles traveled, gas consumed and costs incurred as compared with the income received from renting out our house in Baltimore.

Oh!  And another side note.  We just booked our flights to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in November!  Anyone else going??


28 thoughts on “The Best Ships Are Friendships!

      1. Happy travels as you head south down the Illinois River. The Starved Rock area is beautiful this time of year; however, I am not sure what kind of access they have for boaters. Let us know when you are in the Peoria area and we will try to meet up with you, Meanwhile we will live vicariously thru your incredible journey. Steve 309-256-7128, Julie 309-256-7505, call or text.

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  1. We floated up to the Baywash and knocked on the hull Sunday afternoon but no one was home,which didn’t surprise me. I don’t think we’d be able to make it back before you leave so I wish you and Tom the best on your journey. Its not raining too bad but still be careful of the debris in the river when you leave, it gets real bad after heavy rain. We caught a winter cover off a 35’er which wrapped around both props and bent both shafts 2 days into the season years ago. The wife and I pondered doing the loop but probably just too much for us. Doing it while your young is the best way. So now, I live vicariously through my son and his boat , and now your blog. I must have shown the “whale” video 50 times to others and still just in awe over it. All your pics are great! Hope Chicago treated you well and you enjoyed your time here.

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    1. So bummed that we missed you on Sunday! 😩 Must have been out on the town. We absolutely love Chicago – truly beautiful and everyone has been incredibly kind.
      I just told Tom that you love the whale video! (It’s his favorite too).

      Thanks again for following our journey! ☺️


  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for the update. My husband and I plan on doing the loop in the next couple of years and your the 2nd blog I’ve followed for the loop. Always interesting! And yes, we are booked for the boat show as well. We currently have a 43′ Tiara and are looking for something a little bigger. Maybe we will see you there ! Safe travels, Patte

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    1. Hi Patte! Thanks for following along – and congrats on planning your own GL journey! It’s been such a surreal way to see the country.
      Please stop by the Bavaria display at the show! We would love to meet you! (And the boats are beautiful.)


  3. We continue to enjoy the blog and have been anticipating your trip down the Illinois and through Peoria. The weather will be awesome this week so we’re planning on being out on our boat a couple afternoon/evenings. Some suggestions if you’re in Peoria for dinner that are near harbors, in no particular order …. Jonah’s Oyster Bar (, The Blue Duck (, or Alexander’s Steakhouse ( Enjoy and safe travels!

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      1. We are heading to East Port shortly. If you go to Jonahs by boat you will dock at East Port. Give us a call and we will definitely meet up. 309-256-7505 or Steve 309-256-7128


      2. Dang! So sorry we missed you! We came out of the East Peoria Boat Club (across from Ivy) around 5:30pm to go to EastPort to get some fuel and then we cruised down to the Peoria Riverfront to see if you were there, but no luck. But we did catch another beautiful sunset as we headed back to our slip. Unfortunately we didn’t see your posts until just now. Hopefully you were able to have great dinner and meet some of our friendly boaters in the Peoria area. We’re heading out around noon tomorrow and going up north to Starved Rock for the weekend. Enjoy and safe travels! We’ll continue to follow you guys on your journey.


      3. So funny! The couple we had dinner with are doing that trip tomorrow and are also out of East Peoria, I think! (Steve and Julie)
        Stop in tomorrow to say Hi if you get a chance!


  4. Another excellent post; It’s cool to hear that the story impacted your trip in some small way. If time allows it would be great to catch up at the Lauderdale show!

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      1. Great to hear from you! Yes, we will stop by. Our boat will be in the North Pacific Yacht display. Look for “exhale”. She’s a 49′ trawler. Looking forward to meeting you. Mary and Rick.


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