POWER & MOTORYACHT: Great Adventure!

Hiiiii!  Very exciting news!  At least “very exciting” by my standards. 🤓   We received this photo from Tom’s family a few days ago…*insert squeals*.

I practically started wiggling in my chair when I saw it.

debaccos pmy

Power & MotorYacht interviewed us a few weeks ago and we have been so excited and anxious to see it in print!  So here it is!  I clearly couldn’t resist sharing with you!

Power & Motor YachtPMY 2PMY 3.jpg

Up next:  Chronicles from the Georgian Bay!

14 thoughts on “POWER & MOTORYACHT: Great Adventure!

    1. Kate, I and others enjoy your perspective on your adventure including where and what you eat and drink. I was a boater for 50 years and have read a lot of dribble about boating and I found your blog refreshing. Keep it coming.

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      1. Thanks, Buddy! ☺️ I love hearing from other boaters! We are having so much fun! Recommendations/suggestions along the way are always welcome! 🙋🏼


  1. Joined your blog as a result of reading about you in Power & Motoryacht. Enjoying the breezy writing style and excellent photography in your blog. A looper myself, I would appreciate fewer words about wine, booze and food and more on boating. By the way, nail spas and hair salons are sparse between Chicago and Mobil. Good luck and keep it up.


    1. Thanks. We are fooooodies! Sorry for the abundant posts regarding such – maybe check out Tom’s portion of the trip under “track our trip”. More boating details there! Thanks for checking us out regardless!


  2. Tom and Kate- I have met you two several times most recently when you docked next to me at my home port Ferry Point Marina. (Point Restaurant) My boat is named Feelin Nauti. Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your posts and wish you both the best of luck! Very jealous here!

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    1. Hi Ray!! I just read your comment aloud to Tom – we remember you (and your Pup!) and we miss The Point!
      Thanks so much for following along – we can’t wait to get back next summer.
      See you then!


  3. We are learning so much about the Loop from all your posts! My husband and I are talking about doing it when we retire and reading about your adventure has helped us learn about some of the things we can expect. Thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures and the informational posts! We really enjoy it ⚓️ Lance & Lori Roe – Holt, Michigan.

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    1. Thanks, Lori! 😊 So fun to hear that others are enjoying our adventure. Please free to ask if you have any questions! (And check out Tom’s “track our trip” portion of the blog – it has all of our expenses and exact stops)


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