Big City Enchantment to Small Town Charm

Hiiii from Fenelon Falls, Ontario!  We are docked today due to the wind…16 mph today. Not exactly ideal boating conditions.

We left Toronto a few days earlier under heavy humidity but gorgeous skies. sunset toronto

If there is one lasting memory from Toronto (aside from the humidity) its the food.  Every restaurant had its own spin on dining out & we left each eatery completely impressed with the apps, entrees and cocktails. **Restaurant tags below…but the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Cibo Wine Bar is hands down THE best!toronto food

We docked at Marina Quay West – it wasn’t the most luxurious marina we’ve visited, but it was downtown in the heart of the action and allowed us to walk to virtually everything.  I relished in the fact that there *happened* to be a great nail salon across the street aaaaaand we even got haircuts.  (this was a bit of a stressor, and i’m still planing (hoping) to get back to my beloved stylist in Baltimore for my color, but in the meantime, I wasn’t scalped and my hair is feeling so much healthier!) 💇🏼

So!  Currently, we are on a mission to get to the Georgian Bay…which includes dozens of small towns and another 41 locks!  FORTY ONE LOCKS.  (You guys know how I l.o.v.e. the locks.)  The one below happens to be picture worthy in more ways than one.  Its a hydraulic lift lock AND its also the tallest lock in the WORLD.  They essentially have you drive your boat into a bath tub and then lift you 65 feet into the air.  Its a joyride of sorts and we were able to capture some fun GoPro pictures thanks to the friendly lock crew.

Lock Collage

The Trent Severn Waterway has been littered with super small/quaint towns…some even with wi-fi 💁🏼 and we are pushing through with 8 hours days and lock after lock after lock.  Thankfully, the scenery doesn’t suck!



We can’t wait to update you from the Georgian Bay – we hear it is insanely beautiful!

*oh –  so I think I have pinched femoral nerve due to running??  Its miserably painful and sometimes *someone* makes fun of me for how feeble it makes me walk! 😬  So that’s fun too! 🙄   Any suggestions or information on how to remedy this would be AWESOME!

15 thoughts on “Big City Enchantment to Small Town Charm

  1. Hi Kate, your super blog and great pics are very moving! My wife Ellen and I may change our minds about selling our 65′ Legacy river cruiser ( at National Harbor, MD. She’s built for this – even has wheels on arms that slide into hidden fittings for narrow canals. We’ll travel the Loop this coming Spring, she doesn’t sell by the end of the year. Happy to pay a 3% finders fee of the selling price to you (Annapolis lawyer Todd Lochner is handling the sale) if one of your readers should buy her in the meantime.

    All best,

    Mike and Ellen

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    1. Hi Mike! First, thanks for following our adventure! Second, your boat is a beaut! Do you have any photos of the outside?
      I hope you’ll decide to take the adventure instead of selling her – you won’t regret it the amazing experience.


  2. Great job Kate. I haven’t had the pleasure of doing the Circle but I have read several books about it but your trip is different . I see a book in this. Try GOURMET and see if they will pick your blog.

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  3. Hi guys. We’ve been following your adventures since the beginning after reading about you in a Canadian Boating magazine. We are moored near Orillia and your route will go right by us at Ojibway Bay Marina. We have met/seen hundreds of ‘loopers’ such as yourselves over the years and heard many interesting stories. One thing we hear again and again is that the section between where you are now and the entrance to Georgian Bay at Port Severn Lock #45 is some of the best scenery on the Loop. We’d suggest not to rush it. Do some Lock overnights and exploring of the bays up to the last lock. Georgian Bay is gorgeous too, in an even more rugged way, but it will still be there when you get there. Enjoy! Those of us that are working and not on the water are living through your adventure! All the best from a couple of Canadian boating friends. Dave and Pam

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    1. Hi Dave! Thanks for the advice! I’m always the one pulling to “stay one more day” so it helps to read this to Tom! 😌 We made it to Lake Simcoe today and are staying at the Bridge Port Marina. The area is beautiful!


      1. Yes our friends sent a pic of your boat today at the marina! I asked them to watch out for the celebrity loopers! Enjoy this portion of your trip and we also love the Rawley Resort suggestion! We also want to hear your thoughts on Big Chute when you experience it. Dave and Pam


  4. Spend your last night, before entering Georgian Bay, at Rawley Resort in Port Severn.
    They have a great restaurant!
    Then you’ll have a fresh start the next morning for Georgian Bay. Unless of course you stay up too late singing with the piano man, which is what we did.

    We took our boat through the Trent to Georgian Bay last summer and back to Lake Ontario this summer. It’s a great trip!

    Jeff Reuter

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  5. Hey Kate…interested to know what you think (or thought) of “The Chute” into Geogian Bay…we love your blog and have traveled many of the places you have been (1K locks and counting you can’t go anywherefrom Ithaca NY without going through a bunch of locks)…the Great Loop is on our “Bucket list” only we will do it in retirement (kids raised, college educated and out of the nest)
    Take care
    Safe travels!
    Ken and JoAnn

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  6. Are you guys scheduled to come thru Detroit in the near future? If so I would like to extend an invitation to visit our island based boat club located on Lake Saint Clair. It would make a perfect stop over while transiting between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Regards,

    Cliff CohenTreasurerClinton River Boat Club

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