1000 Islands…Zero Wifi Hotspots.

So, where were we?…I had to look back at my last post to refresh my memory on where we were when I last updated you. I’m a few days behind the normal schedule, but on this end, it feels even longer than 1.5 weeks.  We’ve been without WiFi for the majority of the last 10 days.  Its been great for throwing ourselves into the scenery and nature around us, but not so beneficial for blogging and photographing.

no wifi

We spent most of last week in the 1000 Islands.  It is breathtaking and captures so many aspects of life on the water.  From castles (literally) to kayaking to cruising on the lake – its a true summer oasis.


1000 islands
image source


We spent a few nights on the hook at Leek Island,⚓️  which included cutting our generator and literally sleeping under the stars.  It was fun/romantic until it was HOT…then, not so much.  🌙 ⭐️ We tested our new paddle boards around the island, tried our luck at fishing 🎣 and were invited over to our first official “docktail” aboard neighboring sailboat, Makai.    The remainder of the week was spent in the town of Gananoque.  A map dot in the grand scheme of things, but not without its own charm and summer spirit.

Since then, we’ve made our way to Toronto.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0017.JPG

It is HOT and HUMID here!  (who knew?!)

hot humid tornoto


Last night we got this photo from our Maryland boating friends. At first glance it made be yearn for a table side chat with my girlfriends, a few dozen Maryland crabs and…home. And then after a second look…THAT’S US! 😃  Thanks for the coverage PropTalk!


15 thoughts on “1000 Islands…Zero Wifi Hotspots.

  1. Sooooo jealous and I’ve shown your whale video to a numerous amount of people! It’s so fascinating and can only wish to do what y’all are doing!

    Safe travels!😘

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  2. I am so excited to be following you! My husband and I are in the initial stages of planning our great loop trip, starting in the panhandle of Florida. I am documenting all the places you go, so we can add them to our on going list! Have you encountered any “rough” weather??


    1. Hi Cathy! I’ve tried several times to reply to your comment, but we are always in and out of wifi! We’ve only had ONE rain day so far! We did stop one afternoon in Lake Ontario once the winds kicked up – just to be safe – but otherwise, smooth sailing! Thank you so much for following along! And best of luck on getting started on your own adventure. Please dont to reach out if you have any questions!


  3. I missed the boat statistics, gallons of fuel used, speed, distance, etc. I understand you can not do EVERY thing. Enjoy your trip, I am envious of your trip!!

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  4. Good Morning,

    Really enjoying sharing your adventure. What type of drone are you guys using? My wife Donna & I are planning our “great loop trip”

    Safe Travels

    Robert Loehr
    Robert Loehr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram


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  5. I am curious about your following, do you have stats on how many people you’re reaching (especially since the magazine article came out)?

    Fair winds and following seas. Maybe we’ll see you in the Great Lakes!


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    1. Hi Rita! 🙋🏼 I do get stats from the blog and they definitely increase with each media coverage. We are in this month’s issue of Power Motor Yacht and Scuttlebutt magazine as well – so I’m not sure how to decipher which followers come from which publications. But they have definitely helped with followers. 🙂

      What part of the lakes are you in??


  6. Your trip is so exciting. I show it to everyone. I so want to do it sometime. When u come down Lake Michigan take the green bay side and explore our Wisconsin door county you can cut through to lake mi at sturgeon bay then head for Milwaukee. Would love to meet u guys if u stop in Milwaukee. Keep posting!!

    John Dwyer

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