Montréal: La Perle du Canada

There’s a running theme lately.  I fall smitten with each port and ultimately end up begging Tom to stay “one more day”.  Montréal was no different.  It is such a gem!  (is a pearl a gem?)  It truly felt like we were in Paris all over again.  We stayed at the Montréal Yacht Club.  Aside from the city being completely captivating, this was the best marina to date.  So close to everything, impeccably kept and boasted an incredibly romantic view from the boat.

FullSizeRender 101

We started the week with a hike.  Mount Royal was scenic and the perfect way to get our feet wet in the city.mount royal collage

Then we noticed an amusement park in the distance from our marina.   After our rendezvous at the Wildwoods boardwalk, we eagerly snagged tickets and hopped in line for the roller coasters.


Days 2 through 6 were basically a scavenger hunt for beef tartare, muddled cocktail concoctions and all things patisserie.


What is it about a Farmer’s Market?  market collage

Every female I know will attest to this.  There is something enticing about it.  Tom attributes it to the hunter/gatherer theory, but whatever it is, it ignites my senses and excitement for food and people.  From the butcher to the fromager to the gardener, each and every vendor is passionate about their bounty and I love getting wrapped up in the entire scene.   We made more than one trip to Marché Atwater.  On the first trip I had to bat my eyelashes to get my better half to join me.  On the second trip…there was no arm twisting and while he wouldn’t openly divulge it, I was actually the first one ready to leave!DCIM100GOPROG0811953.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

The evenings were littered with rooftop terraces and romantic “see & be seen” eateries.


On our last day in the city we decided to d.e.t.o.x.  While on a morning run we came across a spa…on a boat!  So fitting and appropriate that we couldn’t possibly pass it up.


So with that, we’re off again.  Toronto bound with a layover in the 1000 Islands.  I’m so tired of LOCKS and I know you’re tired of hearing about them…but since this was the last one (for the short term) and also the largest thus far AND since I forgot to put my gloves on and now have blisters to prove my efforts, I thought one last lock photo was in order.

FullSizeRender (2)


12 thoughts on “Montréal: La Perle du Canada

  1. 👍🍷From a member of the Montreal Yacht Club. Thanks for you good comments about us and Montreal.

    François Laporte President / Président Teamsters Canada International Vice President International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice-président international Fraternité internationale des Teamsters This e-mail contains confidential information intended only for the recipient individual or organization named. If you are not the intended recipient, or their authorized agent, please notify us and destroy this message without reading it or distributing it to anyone. Thank you. Ce courriel contient des informations confidentielles destinées seulement à la personne ou l’organisation nommée. Si vous n’êtes pas le destinataire du message ou son mandataire autorisé, veuillez nous en informer et détruire le message sans en prendre connaissance ou le distribuer à qui que ce soit. Merci. Think green: don’t print! | Soyez écolo: n’imprimez pas!


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  2. So glad you enjoyed Montreal. You certainly hit all the best spots. We also stayed at the Yacht Club Montreal on Monday (1 Aug) on our way home from a trip up the Saint LAwrence. How about those thick towels in the washrooms and the location? Really an enjoying reading about your travels. Kathy & Francois aboard S/V R.E.D. Home Port: Montreal, Canada

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  3. That last lock is huge. Montreal is definitely nice in the summer. In the winter it is brrrr cold.
    The restaurants are great. Great choices.

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  4. I hate to bust your bubble, but going to Toronto you need to do I think it’s 9 more locks up the seaway or even worse if you go via the Rideau canal. But the 1000 islands is beautiful. I am Phil Williams and live north of Montreal and have been to the 1000 islands have fun.


  5. Enjoyed meeting you guys the other night. We are in Trent Port Marina now. Awesome place. Brand new. Lots of room. Great WiFi. A few nice waterfront restaurants. Having a drink and reading your blog. What a great journey, especially the whale.
    Let us know when you come our way. We may head to TO for the weekend, weather dependant. BTW there are no more locks to get to TO. Only when you want to get into Lake Erie.

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    1. So great meeting you both too! Thank you so much for your hospitality! Heading to TO tomorrow! (And definitely planning to stay at Trent Port before we head to the Georgian Bay!) Will be in TO tomorrow through next Tuesday! Let us know if you make it that way!


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