Travel Far Enough to Meet Yourself…

You guuuuys!  We are finally in Montreal!  And i’m not going to lie, Tom had to force me to sit down and blog today.  I’m so super excited to see and do…and eat(!) every.single.thing here (and tell you about it next week).

Just incase any of you were worried about my mental state since I was *whining* when we last checked in – – i’m feeling back to my usual self. 😉  pretty collage

We docked in Burlington last Thursday evening.  I immediately threw on my sneakers and ran to the closest nail salon which gave me a great opportunity to get the initial lay of the land.  By happenstance, we were docked only a half mile away from Church Street – the heart of downtown Burlington, littered with boutique shopping, incredible restaurants and THE flagship Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop!

The four night stay flew by with countless walking trips to Church Street to include a bustling farmer’s market, a night out for cocktails at Church & Main (where both bartenders were transplants from Baltimore 🦀), a next day hangover pizza binge, and yes, one scoop of greek yogurt “ice cream”.

church street collage.jpg

Perhaps the most memorable part of Vermont was the sunset.  The Boathouse Marina had a dock bar, Splash, that served “marvelous food, drinks and sunsets”.   Bay Wash was docked in a prime spot to partake in all three. FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender

Vermont definitely tugged at my heart in an unexpected way.  I hadn’t even heard of Burlington, VT before we started looking at the map for our next docking destination.  But I left with an “I could live here” vibe.  The people were not only friendly, but soothing.  If you like nature and all things organic, put Burlington on your to-do list. 🌎 💚 🍓 ✌🏼

So with that, we untied our lines, packed away our fenders and headed for Montreal.

Tom fueled us up just before entering Canadian waters, as the diesel prices here are ABSURD, and I scoured through our lifeline (Waterway Guide) to get up to date on what to expect on the canals for the next two days.

We worked our way through NINE (9!) more hand operated locks.


(see below 10 hrs summed up in 20 seconds!) and arrived in Montreal on Tuesday night.

SO! We obviously made it!  And I’m chomping at the bit to log off and go explore!  See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Travel Far Enough to Meet Yourself…

  1. Kate, these are outstanding blog posts and pictures!!! You two are incredible and so happy for this amazing adventure you are on. Really is what life is all about. Keep on rockin’

    Kenny Feld 404.797.2425



    1. Thanks, Kenny! We are having the BEST time! And I have to say, as we walked down the docks in Montreal this afternoon holding hands, I said (once again)….we bought the right boat. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


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