After Monday & Tuesday…Even the Calendar says W.T.F!

It’s been a long week!

When I say a long week…i’m mostly speaking to my mental state.IMG_3068 My nails, they need help…

My waistline. Ugh. Can we talk about staying in shape on this trip?

I’ve been doing “Couch to 5k”.  Its an app that my friend Jen suggested.  I actually (somehow) like it, even though I blatantly hate running.  But i’m finding that evening the daily running gig doesn’t combat the vacation mentality at every-single-stop.

If any of you guys have SUGGESTIONS for apps that are RELIABLE resources for estheticians and/or for workout studios (where I can do a drop in class) as we travel, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear about them! 👂🏼

So when I last updated you, we were in Croton-on-Hudson catching up on life.  Nothing noteworthy there but our next stop was so CHARMING!  Kingston, NY.FullSizeRender.jpgWe pulled up to “Ole Savannah” and the overnight dock was freeeeee.  (yesssss)  But it just got better and better.  The food was seriously delicious and the employees – THE nicest! And we could walk to everything.  Nothing better as far as I’m concerned.  I wish we could’ve stayed a little longer, but Montreal was (is still) calling.

The locks.  So. Many. Locks.  🙄locksThey are mostly UNeventful.  But have monopolized the last several days.

So let me tell you about what we’re eating! (and drinking).  Maybe I should start there?  In my attempt to be calorie conscious, but not held hostage to the standard vodka/soda, we have been relishing in Deep Eddy’s PEACH vodka with UNsweetend tea and fresh squeezed lemon.  It is kind of to-die-for!  I promise i’ll take photos for a future post.🍑 🍋 🍸

We had Lemon Sole this week.  It was embarrassingly easy, but that’s what makes it delicious, am I right?

sole collageIMG_3089 Lemon sole sprinkled with salt, pepper, lemon juice and shredded mozzarella/parmesan. Grilled and then topped with diced tomatoes and fresh basil pesto. 

Did I tell you we went to West Point? Not to go completely Carrie Bradshaw on you here, but unfortunately there were no hot cadets roaming around.   But it was scenic… 😉west pointTonight we are in Fort Edward, NY.  Its just a one night stop over and then we are back at it with the locks tomorrow….and hopefully making our way to Lake Champlain.   The town is sleepy (in a quaint kind of way). We had a delightful dinner at the Anvil Restaurant.  The entire menu (including the martini list) is mouthwatering and our dinner selections didn’t disappoint.  I had the salmon, Tom had parmesan pork chops.  AND there was wi-fi!  The Owner even graciously drove us back to the boat at closing time.   I told you this town was quaint!IMG_4541

6 thoughts on “After Monday & Tuesday…Even the Calendar says W.T.F!

  1. Sooooo – how does a couple of 30 something yr olds just Up and go Do da Loop, lol…give us the scoop – Inheritance/ Lotto/ Sold a company or idea/ – I think you two are re-inventing the Loop thing, from a kinda camping trip, to a 5 star luxury event……keep the info coming, great pics & vids, and hopefully you can video from above, the trip Up/Over and Down the Big Chute when you’re on the Trent

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    1. Hi Don! We spent a lot of time figuring out how we could financially swing the loop. We completely disposed of as many bills and accessories at home (including our cars) and put our home on VRBO – which is covering the mortgage and giving us a little extra pocket change.
      Tom also owns two car washes that allow him a lot of freedom and flexibility.

      Thanks for reading and following our adventures! ☺️


  2. Hope you enjoyed your trip through the neighborhood. I can skip a rock to lock 4 in Stillwater, NY. Past there you get a nice but still short respite from the locks with the 15 mile run to 5 in Schuylerville. Enjoy your life aboard. I have bookmarked and will be following your adventure. Retirement is two short years away and if all goes well we will be looping as well.

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