Whale, Whale, Whale…What do we have here?

We said goodbye to Bayshore, finally!  

The Walker Bay dinghy arrived.  It’s a little gem and I am mildly obsessed!dinghy collageTom got it nestled into its new home, our friend Shawn jumped on board, and we took off for Sag Harbor.boating to montauk.jpegYESSSSS…The Hamptons!  My Matt Lauer binoculars were out in full force and effect – and visions of gourmet markets, chic boutiques, and hand crafted cocktails were dancing like sugar plums in my head.

Despite getting on the water early, it was another tense day behind the helm…our eyes constantly jumping between the GPS and scouring for the next channel marker. Buuut we made it! Unscathed and feeling fully entitled to indulge in cocktails!Marg:Snack CollageSag was…underwhelming.  Cute, but PEOPLE! Have you been to Cape May?!  We did dinner out, checked out a few of the mega-yachts by way of the new dinghy, went for a morning run, and then decided to move on.boats in sagMontauk was lower on the totem pole of “must dos” but then completely blew us away. We had dinner and cocktails at Swallow East.  Swallow East…and lunch the next day at The Dock.  The town in general is like Outer Banks meets L.A.  The casual surfer vibe and deep fishing roots somehow blend into the Hamptons feel of things.  Those earlier dancing visions of Sag Harbor embraced me in Montauk instead.  fishing boats in montauk

Alright, so the rest of the Loop is calling…and thanks to last week’s grounding incident, we are slightly behind schedule.  So, Montauk, its been real! ✌️

We left early (5 am early…hmph).  We had coffee, headed into the Atlantic and I curled up under a blanket to doze back off for a bit.

And then…something extraordinary happened…one of those “stop and take it in” kind of things.

A HUMPBACK! Seemingly just slightly smaller than the boat! I squealed *more than once* in sheer excitement.  It wasn’t just about the size of the humpback, but its serenity. With each appearance at the surface of the water, its whispering exhale and then disappearance again, we were left awe. It was clearly out for its early morning breakfast, which I suspect those Montauk fisherman were after as well.Whale CollageWe’ve now made our way through NYC and are relaxing for a few days on the Hudson River in Half Moon Bay.  It finally feels like we’re settling into the trip, and we’re anxious to embark on new territory.  

Along with that excitement and adventure comes a little “light” reading for the First Mate.😉waterway guideThese Waterway Guides are a game changer.  From marina listings & anchorages to lock schedules and location charts, I can’t say enough how crucial these are.

Newest Edition: Cuba!  We’re coming for you!


4 thoughts on “Whale, Whale, Whale…What do we have here?

  1. My husband and I have been talking about doing The Great Loop for a couple years. We saw your article in the Great Lakes Scuttlebutt and would love to follow your journey and learn from it. Thank you and safe travels! L & L Roe.


    1. Thanks for following! While I’m blogging about the *fun* stuff, Tom is keeping all of our stats under the “Track Our Trip” section – so if you’re looking for expenditures, miles traveled, fuel burned, you can find it there.


  2. We’ve done parts of the Loop in Ontario and the Erie Canal to Albany. Your video of the whale and the music are just breathtaking. Eventually you’ll leave the Trent Severn and be starting the best part of your trip …Georgian Bay. Our marina, Northwest Basin isnt far from the Trent Severn. If you’re looking for an overnighter close to Penetanguishene, nice place to stay. I look forward to the rest of your trip.

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