One Week Countdown…


Here we are, one week out from starting our adventure!

After several Chesapeake Bay summers packed with tie-ups, crab feasts, dockbars, and too many homemade margaritas to count, it’s finally time to expand our boating horizons.

So where to?….THE GREAT LOOP!

Dont worry, I had to google it too.

For those of you that know Tom personally, and for those of you who just found your way to our corner of the internet, his “why wait” thirst for travel is on the cusp of being quenched!

My Monday – Friday work grind came to an excitedly anticipated halt in May as we started gearing up for our new life aboard.   Since then, we have turned our home into a weekly vacation rental, moved onto our boat and started minor upgrades/renovations to help us get a little more comfortable and acclimated before we embark.  (The longest trip to date on the boat lasted approximately two weeks, so determining the necessities for a true live aboard experience has required a little adjusting on many forefronts.)

So what’s the plan?  An entire year on our Bavaria Sport 44!  The summer of 2016 in the Great Lakes, then chasing the fall foliage through the Midwest until it turns into dancing palm trees in the West Indies as we shift into the winter months.  At the top of the Bucket List is a swim with the pigs in the Exumas.

We will be blogging along the way – not only about our anchorages but about how we’re staying fit, what healthy entrees and apps we’re preparing in the galley and, of course, where we find the best happy hour scenes!

Stay Tuned!

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